Paid Surveys NZ – Join Best Paid Online Survey Sites for New Zealand and Get Paid to Take Surveys

Paid Surveys NZ

Join Best Paid Online Survey Sites for New Zealand and Get Paid to Take Surveys.

Making money online in NZ is no longer that hard!!

Below is a list of best paying surveys sites in New Zealand:

  1. Opinion World NZ: Click Here to Join Opinion World NZ panel. It is FREE to join.
  2. Valued Opinions NZ: Click Here to Join Valued Opinions NZ panel and Get Paid for Your Opinions. It is FREE to join.
  3. Toluna NZ: Click Here to Join Toluna NZ panel. It is FREE to join.
  4. Nielsen Homescan Consumer Panel New Zealand: Click Here to Join Nielsen Homescan NZ panel. It is FREE to join.

With the great expansion of our company “paid surveys NZ”, we’ve just make our market extend to New Zealand.

New Zealanders now could make money easily by just sitting home with your computer.

All you need to do is registering with the above recommended survey companies and waiting for a survey invitation email. As long as you carefully complete the questionnaires that the survey company provide, you will get the corresponding reward points which could be used to redeem for PayPal cash or gift cards exchanging.

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Paid Surveys NZ. Are they legitimate?
Paid Surveys New Zealand. Are they legitimate or is it a scam ?

I’m sure you have seen the advertisements in newspapers, magazines and all over the internet that claim you can make THOUSANDS a month taking paid online surveys on the internet. Companies claiming that by paying up to $50.00 to join their club you will make thousands a month.

I did some research into a bunch of these survey companies and what I found out is that only some of them actually pay you to take surveys. Almost ALL of them enter you into sweepstakes with the POSSIBILITY of paying you to enter the sweepstakes.

They start out saying that you can get PAID for taking online surveys. Nope. You get entered into a contest for money… the problem is you fill them out and then you have to buy something. Some give you gifts, but again ONLY IF YOU BUY SOMETHING from TWO or more of their affiliates.

So I researched further into online paid surveys NZ wide … trying to find sites that ACTUALLY PAID YOU FOR TAKING SURVEYS.

I wanted to know if I could trust them and if anyone knew anything about them.

I wanted to know if these offers to fill out online surveys for money are legit or just some type of ‘baiting site’ for scammers trying to get my email.

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Are paid surveys a scam?

It sounds like a scam to hear .. just take this paid survey and not only will we pay you $5000 .. it only takes 40 days to reach that amount!

I set out to find the real legitimate paid surveys in NZ – to weed out the junk sites and broken links and what I learnt was the vast majority of New Zealand survey sites are legitimate and the one’s that aren’t are pretty easy to spot. I now feel a whole lot better about signing up for these market research companies.

The reason why a lot of people don’t think paid surveys are legitimate is that a vast majority of market research companies only send a few surveys per year, maybe once a month. People sign up for them to take surveys to get paid and then don’t hear from them for a while, so they think it’s a scam.

There’s also the outrageous claims for the purpose of luring in thousands of gullible people on the vacant promise of giant sums of money with little effort.

Do you know that more than 95% of people that try to work at home doing surveys online for money will quit or even worse call it a scam? It’s because people are looking with the “fast ticket” mentality. If you run into a website and say it promises you that you going to earn $7,000 in 7 days. People will be signing up real fast to take paid surveys !! Because we all want to avoid our 9-5 J.O.B.

You can make some decent money doing surveys, but unfortunately too many sites greatly inflate the amount of money you can make. I mean would you really expect to make $50,000 a year taking several surveys a day sitting around your own house in your underwear. If this were true, why would anyone in their right mind actually GO to work?

Too many people expect to be making $50-$100 an hour 40 hours a week. That’s what lawyers and doctors make – you know the one’s who went to school for 8-10 years and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for their education. You get paid for what you do. A survey that takes 20 mins and pays $5 is still decent money, even though it’s just $5,
it’s still $5 for voicing your opinion .., not hard at all, no skills necessary.

So how much can I make?

You can make a little extra cash but you will not make a living You will NOT make a replacement income taking surveys. You’re not going to get rich. You will get extra money, great free product trials and have fun.

If anyone tells you you can retire simply from taking paid surveys, please realize that they are lying to you.

It takes awhile to get going. It takes some people up to 3 years to start making anywhere between $175 to $250 a month for maybe 5 hours of work per week.* varies on efforts*

That’s pretty much the max.

You’re not going to make six figures taking surveys … otherwise why would any one go to work. The money is there but you need to have realistic expectations. If you are taking it too seriously you will not be happy. You need to think of it as a form of entertainment that’ll make you a few extra bucks.

Instead of playing computer games, take surveys, you’ll get enough to go out to dinner once in a while, get some interesting gifts or maybe go on a special outing. Once in a while you’ll save up a bunch of points and cash them out all at once .. perhaps around October to get a real nice jump on your Christmas shopping.

If you ask the people who do make extra cash taking online surveys how much they make none of them say they make more than a few hundred dollars a month. You’ll find that often they’re not just taking surveys alone. They’re sampling product trials for products not yet on the market, mystery shopping or, if they live in a large city, attending focus groups if invited.

So the more surveys you take and the more regularly you take them will make you more, if you do a good job. But how much time needs to be invested ?

This raises a frequent question – how many of these market research surveys should I join? Some just sign up for one company but many sign up with eight or more. The more time you have to invest in the more opportunities you have and the more you will make?

Here’s tip 1: sign up for as many as are relevant to you but skip the sites that ask you repeatedly if you are interested in finding out about insurance or buying a car If they want your permission to let OTHER people send you email it’s best to look the other way.

You will often hear people complaining that they were only offered chances for a contest, those are the same surveys that OFTEN lead to a product test and payment, it is important to take all the surveys even if they look like they will lead nowhere. A lot of people just pass those offers by. Don’t ignore the surveys offering to enter you into a drawing.

Lately these are the ones leading to extra cash incentives and product trials at the end. The more surveys you take you are seen as more reliable so will get better survey offers and by taking the prize drawing surveys you will get more paid surveys from those same research companies.

Sometimes when you take a survey offering to enter you into a contest, you won’t always be told upfront if it pays or not … you have to qualify for the survey first. AFTER you have finished and IF you qualify, you may be offered a product test WITH a cash incentive.

These range from an additional $5 payment up to $50. .. just for voicing your opinion. Just keep in mind – you won’t qualify for every survey you take, you don’t get paid if you don’t qualify. Plus, MOST of the time when you are offered the survey you will told it is only going to get you into a drawing, but once you qualify and make it to the end you will find out that you qualify for a product trial and or cash reimbursement. You just never know.

When you open your email in the morning you will see half a dozen or more survey invitations, you might click on the first one and be offered $5 and you may even qualify for that survey, the next one will invite you and offer to enter you in a drawing, what the heck you go ahead and take it and qualify for a product test, okay that counts. The next 4 you try and don’t qualify. The next day you get invited and qualify for an interactive that pays $75 but you don’t qualify for anything else all day. And so on and so on. This is REALLY how it works so don’t get your hopes up too much to avoid being disappointed.

Remember, if you can’t take the surveys for fun, products, and some EXTRA cash, you won’t enjoy it.

“What about the survey sites that want you to spend two hours answering the same questions over and over for the chance to win a car?”

Tip 2: I found that going to the FAQ section at each website usually tells you right away if they plan to actually let you do paid surveys or just try to sell you stuff. This way you can read up on the company before doing a huge survey only to end up with heaps of junk mail.

It can take you hours to weed out the good survey companies from the bad ones that just want to spam you to death… but it would also take all day to list the legitimate survey sites because they are so numerous. But here Down Under when it comes to surveys for cash Australia has less choice but also more legitimate paid surveys.

There are three kinds of “free” lists.

First, you have the places that give you a list of other places where you can pay for a list. They are getting paid to get you to go to those sites, sign up and pay for a list of survey sites. It can make it really easy to find hundreds of survey sources but unless they spend time and effort trying to keep up with all of the market research companies that pay you for surveys, focus groups, product testing and mystery shopping they aren’t really doing anything but gathering information for their mailing lists.

No scam here, but stay away from any sites that charge you for a list.

They’re making money because they are charging you money-period. There are plenty of good free directories out there now, and if you don’t like any of those you can find every single site just by searching around yourself. Beware of sites that highly inflate the amount of cash you can make.

Second, you have the places that give you the list for free and they include EVERY so called survey site out there. The owner of these lists is also getting paid whenever you sign up with certain companies. These lists may include survey sites that are harvesting your email addresses and sending you information on everything under the sun. You can tell these sites because they promise a LOT just for signing up. (Free iPods, $500 shopping certificates, free vacations)

Third there are the lists that are not so big because they ONLY include legitimate research sites. The owners of these lists are only getting paid when you sign up with some of the companies listed. You can spot these “research sites” when they offer you more realistic offers like the latest $500 gift cards, and ask you relevant questions about what you are or what you’re not interested in.

Market research companies are legit, they provide a much needed service to big corporations and they make a good deal of money from it. So they can afford to pay people a few dollars to take surveys and get paid for their opinions.

It’s your profile that’s most valued by the research companies; if it matches you will be eligible to take more surveys. It all depends on your profile enhancement and demographic. Say if you’re a middle-class middle-aged woman living in Auckland, you’d get way more surveys than a lower-class young male living in other places. Those are the extremes, but legitimate survey sites go into much more detail to suit you to the right surveys.

You will get surveys based on the interests you entered into your profile when you signed up. The more boxes you checked about what you’re ‘interested’ in the more offers you get so take some time in filling out all of the profile ‘boosters’. Often there’s a 90-day trial period and if you don’t fit any of the profiles for surveys offered during the season you won’t get as many offers.

So be sure to “fit the demographics” to be emailed surveys every week or so about your opinions on different things like the better advertising labels, for example, whatever gets your attention. It’s quick, …usually taking 5 to 20 minutes and in return you’re rewarded.

What? To be paid to take surveys you must be living in Sydney aged 32-33 who drinks 4-5 imported beers daily while making over 125K per year and drive a maroon colored 4 door Ford made between the years 2000-2001 with insurance purchased during said years purchased from … !! ??

Just kidding but you get the picture … unless you fit the profiles its hard to rack up a lot of points to get paid, but it is possible. It can take lots of points to be built up to be eligible for payment.

If you’ve started doing surveys but haven’t been qualified ..or been offered a decent paying survey in over a month that is a bit weird. Perhaps you’re not in the most survey-friendly demographic area, and that may explain why you don’t get too many survey notifications. Don’t give up, check your profile, take all of the surveys and show some good faith and they’ll soon start offering you the best paying surveys.”

What about paid to read programs?

They are not a scam either but of course everything has its quirks! As for email processing, it is probably a good idea to avoid them. Typically most paid to read emails programs will pay – but pay in cash and or banner advertising. To give you an idea of what to expect.

Realistically all of the emails are just advertisements and with some companies you have to look at the email for a specific amount of time before you are credited, usually 20 secs or so, with others you have to click on a link to verify you read it. It does get kind of tedious after awhile.

The paid to surf programs are very similar in that you have to spend a certain amount of time looking at a site before you can collect money and again you have to look at a LOT of sites to make money. To avoid being hopelessly bombarded with spam it’s a good idea to stick with the big guns when considering these paid to read Programs. What is good one day may be bad the next. The program that pays one week may be vanishing the next week.

Remember, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

Help ! How do I stop the spam ? … I’m averaging approximately 100 spams in my email account daily !!

To avoid getting buried in SPAM be sure to use a spam filtered email account, separate to your personal email account, for receipt of these surveys. Use one of the free email sites like Gmail, or It’s a bit like getting a P.O. box for all the surveys, so that your home address does not get flooded with junk mail.

Tip 3: Just be real and don’t sign up for too many companies.

That last tip can save a lot of hassle with TAXES at the end of the year too. You may have been paid by 3 or 4 different companies but, because you haven’t reached a certain payout amount, there may be a number of other accounts that have not paid and you need to remember to estimate these payments into any income before claiming any funds for tax purposes?

If you’d like some more tips and advice about trusted paid online surveys in New Zealand, I would suggest checking out these 3 first: Opinion World NZ, Toluna Opinions NZ and Valued Opinions NZ.

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